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Fairmontís training curriculum is divided into fourteen areas:

EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT                                                                                          Back to top
These sessions provide executive management with an overview of bank training and coaching accountability programs.  The meetings focus on executive managementís role in supporting the bankís sales development efforts.

SENIOR MANAGEMENT                                                                                                  Back to top
These programs prepare senior managers to reinforce branch managersí sales and coaching skills and establish required sales and coaching accountabilities.  Advanced programs serve as a forum for critiquing area sales performance and developing action plans for enhancing staff performance.

PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE                                                                                                  Back to top
These programs provide personnel with the information required to understand bank products and make effective sales.  The information is provided in a series of product-specific units.  Customized programs are available in hard-copy and CD training formats.

SERVICE AND SALES COACHING                                                                              Back to top
These programs provide branch, call center, commercial business development, trust sales, and department managers with the foundation for developing their management and coaching abilities.  This includes skills and approaches required for managing time, implementing service and sales disciplines, and developing staff adherence to service and sales disciplines (skills).

The manager is the only individual who can convert skills presented in training into skills used with customers.  Fairmontís unique sales coaching accountability program ensures that coaching required for behavioral change is in place before service and sales personnel attend training programs.  Coaching skills reinforcement programs are available in classroom and CD training formats.

NEW ACCOUNTS SERVICE AND SALES                                                                 Back to top
These programs provide new accounts personnel with the skills for delivering quality service and impacting customer buying decisions.  Advanced programs provide approaches for servicing higher-level customer needs.  A customized approach incorporates new accounts automation into the sales process.  The consistent use of these skills ensures a higher level of customer service and sales.

TELLER SERVICE AND SALES REFERRALS                                                        Back to top
These programs provide tellers with the skills required to communicate with customers, handle difficult situations, and transfer customers requiring additional bank services.  This includes systematic, scripted approaches for handling routine service, sales referrals, difficult customers, and complex situations.  The consistent use of these skills results in tellers providing a higher level of service and increased sales referrals.  These programs are available in classroom and CD training formats.

CALL CENTER SERVICE AND SALES                                                                       Back to top
These programs provide call center personnel with the skills for servicing and selling customers.  Sales approaches are developed for both incoming and customer outreach calls.  Participants learn to design systematic service and sales scripts.  The sales process can be supported with customized Call Center Script books.  The customized scripts are adapted by the staff for their specific needs.

TELEPHONE QUALITY SERVICE AND SALES                                                       Back to top
These programs provide telephone representatives with techniques and approaches for servicing existing customers and selling to prospects.  Advanced programs include approaches for telemarketing to prospects using customized scripts.  The skills presented in these programs make it possible for employees to utilize the telephone as a major bank service and sales tool.

SUPPORT PERSONNEL QUALITY SERVICE                                                           Back to top
These programs provide service support personnel with techniques and communication approaches for providing quality service in routine and difficult customer situations.  Advanced programs focus on internal customer service and handling service recovery situations.

LOAN SERVICE AND SALES                                                                                         Back to top
These programs provide mortgage originators and loan personnel with the skills required to service and sell various types of loans.  Fair lending programs provide participants with the information and skills required to ensure consistency in sales and service approaches.

COMMERCIAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT                                                           Back to top
These programs provide the bankís business development team with a call planning system, an understanding of the sales call process, and the structure and techniques for effectively selling commercial customers.  This includes the development of sales approaches for specific customers and prospects.

INVESTMENT COUNSELORS                                                                                         Back to top
These programs provide licensed investment counselors with techniques and approaches for effectively selling nondeposit investment products to new and existing customers.  This includes the integration of compliance-related information into the sales communication process.

TRUST BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT                                                                            Back to top
These programs provide trust personnel with techniques and approaches for planning a sales call, structuring a call information system, setting up the call, conducting the call, and following up on each call conducted.  The approaches include follow-up meetings with coaches to review call results, identify areas of call skills development needs, and design skills development action plans.

TRAIN THE INSTRUCTOR                                                                                                Back to top
These programs are for bank instructors who conduct Fairmont training programs.  The workshops are used to refine the instructorís understanding of program concepts, approaches, and content and skills for facilitating program lectures, discussions, experiences, case studies, and role plays.

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