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Fairmont's Sales Skills Delivery System provides a full range of programs for developing staff and management attitudes, knowledge, and skills:

  • Retail Service and Sales

  • Call Center Service and Sales

  • Loan Service and Sales

  • Commercial Business Development

  • Investment Service and Sales

  • Trust Business Development


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Fairmont training programs are customized for the bank's individual needs.  Results from shopper surveys and employee surveys provide information on employee service and sales skills usage and attitudes, and product knowledge proficiency.  This data, combined with extensive input from bank representatives, is the basis for Fairmont's customization of training programs and support materials.

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All Fairmont training programs are based on a learning-by-discovery training philosophy.  In implementing this philosophy, Fairmont programs rely heavily on group discussions, case studies, exercises, and role plays.  Fairmont instructors approach their training assignments as group facilitators rather than teachers or lecturers.  This approach has been proven to be most effective for adult education.

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Fairmont utilizes a combination of classroom, multimedia, and in-branch reinforcement delivery approaches.

   Classroom training programs can be conducted by Fairmont or bank facilitators certified by Fairmont.  These programs range from one to three days in length with group sizes from 6 to 20 participants.

  Computer-Based and Video training programs are available for foundation Retail Sales and Teller Sales Referrals training and ongoing skills reinforcement.

    In-branch reinforcement provides a structured format for managers to use in converting skills delivered in classroom and multimedia programs into skills used consistently with customers.

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Sales skills training introduces staff to required sales and coaching skills.  Fairmont's sales skills training supports the bank's strategic plan.  Our programs are customized to support the organization's goals and abilities and are carefully integrated into a full-scale behavioral change system. The skills presented in training are those proven to increase sales production.

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Sales coaching changes staff behavior.  Fairmont's coaching process is based on a time-tested approach used by coaches for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.  These are the same techniques that improve performance of an athlete or artist.  Once managers become capable coaches, employee performance soars, and the need for training decreases.

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The skills reinforcement module provides the coach with action steps for changing sales behavior.  Mastering coaching skills is a difficult task.  Developing a coaching action plan that works is even harder.  Fairmont's skills reinforcement modules solve this problem while reducing the coach's learning curve.  Reinforcement modules provide managers with a detailed action plan for developing staff sales skills.

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Accountability puts muscle in the process.  The key elements in achieving behavioral change are line management accountability for coaching activities and staff accountability for sales skills usage.  Fairmont's approach transfers accountability for developing behavioral change from corporate staff positions to line management.

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Our clients say it best

“When we were searching for a firm to assist us in formalizing our sales efforts, we needed a company which could tailor solutions for banks of varying sizes competing in different markets.  Fairmont enables our banks to take advantage of similar sales techniques within the framework and culture of our individual banks.”

Our clients say it best

John R. Bragg
Executive Vice President
National Bank of Commerce

Our clients say it best




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