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Fairmont's customer-needs Sales Skills Delivery System provides banks with the flexibility to adapt skills for:

  • Changes in the strategic plan

  • Introduction of new products

  • Initiative of new marketing campaigns

The system provides a structured approach for assisting bank personnel in quickly mastering new sales skills.  Developing skills and refining existing ones takes thought, persistence, organization, and follow-through.  It requires nothing short of behavioral and organizational change.

Behavioral change is not easy and does not occur through a quick inoculation of employees.  Training, goals, and incentives facilitate the development process, but do not change behavior.  Coaching and accountability convert information presented in training into skills used with customers.  This is the heart of Fairmont's Sales Skills Delivery System.



Coaching converts an understanding of service and sales information into skills used with customers.

Line Accountability is the key element in ensuring that behavioral change coaching activities are successfully implemented.



System training introduces the staff to skills proven to increase sales production.

Goals define the bank's sales skills and production expectations.

Incentives reward high performing employees for performance that exceeds quota (performance required for employment).

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Our clients say it best

“Fairmont has changed our bank's culture!  Over the past three years, our partnership with Fairmont has turned an operational bank culture into a progressive sales culture!  I can't say enough good things about how improved our customer experience is today and how our ramped up productivity has followed."

Our clients say it best

Harvey Church
Maury County President/
Private Banking
First Farmers

Our clients say it best




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