“Fairmont has changed our bank's culture! During our first three years, our partnership with Fairmont turned an operational bank culture into a progressive sales culture! I can't say enough good things about how improved our customer experience is today and how our ramped up productivity has followed."

Harvey Church, Sr. Retail Banking Officer
First Farmers

Getting Results

Most financial institutions are building sales cultures to increase sales production and deepen customer relationships.  No level of motivation or coercion can make a winner out of a sales culture where representatives lack the skills to sell.  High level, long-term results are only possible when the sales representative’s performance is sufficient to impact the customer’s buying decisions.

Sales Approach

Fairmont’s Sales Skills Delivery System prepares the sales staff for a needs-based sales approach that leads to:
      * Stronger relationships
      * Reduced closed accounts
      * Improved customer service
      * Increased sales

The product-push sales approach of the past is costly as bankers push products that customers
don’t want, don’t need, and can’t use.  Quality service deteriorates and more business leaves by the
back door than enters the front.