“Fairmont has been instrumental in developing Farmers and Merchants’ strong service and sales culture. Every F&M employee has benefitted from Fairmont’s development program."

Paul Siebenmorgan, President & CEO
Farmers & Merchants State Bank

Behavioral Change

Fairmont’s Sales Skills Delivery System is an approach for creating behavioral change.
      * People do not begin using new skills simply because they are requested to do so.
      * A quick inoculation will not change behavior.
      * “Programs of the Month” will not enhance skills usage

The primary tools for creating behavioral change are coaching and accountability.

Coaching and Accountability

Coaching converts an understanding of service and sales techniques into skills used with customers.
Accountability ensures that behavioral change coaching activities are successfully implemented.

Making it Easy

Fairmont provides an easy-to-use, step-by-step coaching program for creating behavioral change. 
Coaches are trained to implement coaching activities.  Coaching playbooks provide instructions on exactly
what and when activities need to be completed.  The coach’s focus is on implementation.  There is no
need for coaches to spend valuable time on development.

Adapting SKILLS

The Sales Skills Delivery System is not a once and done event.  It is an ongoing approach for continually
adapting sales skills to new situations.
      * Changes in the Strategic Plan
      * Introduction of New Products
      * Changes in Customers’ Banking Habits
      * Introduction of New Marketing Campaigns