“Employees using the Fairmont Sales Skills Delivery System not only open more accounts, they ensure long-term customer retention by opening the accounts most appropriate for the customer’s needs."

Robert V. Swanick, CEO


For over 45 years Fairmont has been partnering with banks and credit unions to deliver customized sales, service, and coaching training for all departments in the bank or credit union.  Through our Sales Skills Delivery System we provide proven sales skills and approaches, bank or credit union specific customization, and expert support to help you increase your sales staff's skills usage and sales productivity.


Robert V. Swanick, Ph.D., CEO of Fairmont has a doctorate in communication and policy sciences from the State University of New York at Buffalo.  He is co-author of Sales Management for Retail Bankers published by Sheshunoff Information Services, Inc. and the American Bankers Association.


Fairmont’s Staff is comprised of former bankers experienced in the development of sales cultures. 
These individuals have developed and implemented sales training programs throughout the United States.
A major factor in Fairmont’s success has been a careful matching of its staff’s experience to
the development needs of partner organizations.